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How to Prepare For A Shamanic Energy Healing And Or Intuitive Reading

​Preparing for a Shamanic Healing Session and/or Intuitive Reading

  • Prior to our appointment, spend some time in contemplation of where you are in your life. What is working, what is not, where you feel stuck, etc.

  • Choose to be in a location where you will not be interrupted during our time together. Put your phone on mute and set the ‘do not disturb’ feature

  • If you have pets, know that they are very attracted to energy work and will often want to be in the room with you – and that is perfectly fine!

  • Have a space prepared where you can lie down and be comfortable for up to 30-40 minutes. Pillows, blankets, etc.

  • It is very helpful to either have earphones, a speakerphone or to have your computer near enough by that you will be able to hear my voice with ease.

  • Please no alcohol or recreational drugs 24 hours before or after the session

  • Have a journal nearby to record your impressions.

  • Set the intent to Allow. Allow whatever comes through to come through, to be open to healing.

  • Your session is in confidence. You can share whatever you like, I will not.

  • If at all possible, allow yourself to have a quiet day following your session. Plenty of fresh water, perhaps a walk outside, allow time for reflection.

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