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Welcome to the Sacred Threshold

Welcome to The Sacred Threshold. A place of possibilities, of beginnings, of the connection point between this world and the world of spirit.

I chose the name “The Sacred Threshold” for my business for a number of reasons. Practically, the word Threshold brings up images like “doorstep, gateway, portal, the start or beginning, brink, cusp, verge, dawn and inception.”

Well, YES to all of those!

On a personal level, I am forever on the cusp of the next gateway, the next portal taking me ever closer to the sacred, to my God Source. Isn’t that a lovely thing for all of us on a spiritual path? Drawing closer and closer to the Divine. It is not always a straight path, sometimes we take detours or sit down and refuse to move for a time, but the Divine is always waiting for us with loving, open arms.

Another aspect of the name The Sacred Threshold, to me, defines what I do in my energetic healing work. As a shamanic practitioner, I act as a guide assisting you on your path to wholeness. A good guide points out areas of concern and clears blockages while encouraging you to take the next step, to not give up, and shares tips and techniques so you can continue along your personal path on your own.

As a medium, I traverse that Sacred Threshold between this world and the world of spirit, where our loved ones who have passed await a way to speak to you once again. Being able to work with their frequency to bring you messages and healing words is one of the great joys of my life.

I invite you to join me as well all stand upon The Sacred Threshold.

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