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Perfection Not Required

This morning as I was preparing for a mediumship reading, I mindlessly picked up a small crystal angel that sits on my desk. The crystal felt smooth and cool to my touch and then my attention was drawn to the wings where I felt the small chips along the edges from the dings of life.

I had a moment of feeling bad about chipping the statue when Spirit flooded in with ‘we all have imperfections. No one is perfect, yet we are all part of the Divine Light – perfection not required’.

Did you know that empaths are often perfectionists? Why would that be? It is my belief that we learn the pattern of ‘perfection at all costs’ when we are young and feel buffeted about by other people’s emotions: parents having an argument, teachers having a bad day, siblings lashing out because of their own emotions…the child in us tries to make everything OK and will often turn to ‘if I am perfect, then mom/dad/teacher/sibling will love me and I will feel safe again’.

Instead, as many of us know, we can *never* be perfect and therefore never feel safe. It is much better to identify this quality and learn how to deal with other’s emotions without hounding ourselves for not being ‘perfect’.

I invite you to join me in my upcoming workshop “An Empaths Guide to the Holidays” on Tuesday, November 15 at 7pm EST/ 6pm CST/ 5pm MST/ 4pm PST. The course will be recorded if you cannot make it live. You owe it to yourself to take the burden of ‘perfectionist’ off your resume.

It is moments like this that fill me with intense gratitude. Love yourself, and all your imperfections today and every day.


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