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The Weight of Expectations - or 2-22-22 is just another day

Today is a Once-In-A-Lifetime event….2-22-22. Social media is full of posts imploring us to do special ceremonies, rituals and what not to honor today.

I am sitting here in front of my computer, having just finished my daily ritual of writing in my journal. This is pretty mundane stuff – emptying out my brain, verbally vomiting on the pages. And today was no different, but it was. I was spilling out the guilt of not having created a special post and feeling inadequate – after all, I am an energy worker, shamanic practitioner, spiritual medium!

And then the following flew off my page:

Yes, today’s date is very cool. Yes, it is a once-in-my-lifetime event…. but so is every day. Every day is sacred, every day is special, every day is a once-in-my-lifetime event.

Lay down the weight of expectations. Others or your own, makes no difference. Both have weight. Take a moment and FEEL that weight. Is it serving you any good? Does it make you ‘holier’ by carrying it?

Look, do the best you can. Be kind, starting with yourself. Love yourself for where you are right now, at this once in a lifetime moment. THAT will make today special.


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