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"Discover Your Authentic Self"

Monthly Spiritual Growth Program

"Discover Your Authentic Self" Monthly Spiritual Growth Program

This is a monthly soul journey program in which I guide and mentor women who are feeling stuck, lost, and disconnected to heal, so they can love themselves, live an authentic life, and make a difference in the world.

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"Take the time to commit to a year of monthly healing sessions with Mary! I am so glad I did. I was finally able to let go of the crippling anxiety and self-recrimination that have dogged me for most of my life. I can breathe. I am so grateful!" ~C.W.


Goals of the Program:

  • Live authentically so that you can feel grounded, connected to life and valued in your relationships.

  • Heal your emotions, thoughts & feelings so that you can stop going in circles over what it is that you desire.

  • Discover who you truly are by establishing healthy boundaries, building and protecting your personal energy so that you can be of service to yourself, your family and community.

  • Reconnect with your Soul so that you experience inner peace, calm and contentment, reducing the stress in your life.

  • Experience more joy, feel better and have more energy so that you can maintain a high vibration at all times, allowing you to feel aligned with your soul’s purpose.

Claim Your Life Method:

  • Connect With Your Soul
    ~I will guide you to connect with your Soul through a series of personalized
    one on one shamanic healing sessions in order to know yourself on a deeper
    level than you have ever experienced before so that you can ignite your
    connection to yourself, others and the world and discover the answer to
    “What is my soul legacy?”

  • Learned Self-Esteem
    ~I will teach you techniques to clear limiting beliefs so you can overcome
    lack of self-esteem and low self-worth. This will fire up your self-confidence so
    that you can allow deeper, more meaningful connections to blossom in your life
    and relate to others from a place of high vibration.

  • Accelerate Inner Healing 
    ~I will guide you to accelerate your own inner healing through sacred
    ceremony to connect you with you Guides so that you can shed long held
    beliefs that no longer serve your highest God Self and experience feelings of
    empowerment in all areas of your life.

  • Ignite the Passion
    ~I will help  you ignite the passion in your life with radical self-love
    techniques so you can have more clarity and make the decisions that will allow
    you to stop feeling stuck and trapped and help you achieve your dream of living

  • Manifestation Mastery 
    ~I will share with you a new & focused approach to manifest an abundantly
    authentic life in order to alchemize feelings of disconnection and loneliness into
    those of joy and enlightenment


  • 1:1 Shamanic Healing Sessions with Mary

    ~In the course, you will have monthly one on one shamanic healing sessions with

    Mary. In these hour-long sessions, we will uncover, layer by layer, what has been
    holding you back, where feelings of insecurity and loss are energetically seated,
    allowing you to strike a new way forward; a life where you choose your
    path and feel energized and connected to your true soul's purpose.

    ~These private sessions will be structured around your personal needs 

  • Expanded Booking for Program Participants
    ~My schedule fills fast and I am often booked weeks in advance. I am opening additional time slots that will ONLY be available to members of  the Discover Your Authentic Self program.


Members have access to three of my videos:

  1. Tutorial on how to easily clear your energy field every day as taught by Q'uearos (shamans) of the High Andes.

  2. My most effective methods for protecting your own energy while not absorbing others.

  3. How to Create and use and altar in your sacred work.


For more information on the Monthly Spiritual Growth Package book a free 20 minute discussion session to see if this program is right for you.

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