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As a Shamanic Practitioner, Intuitive and Spiritual Medium, I am deeply honored to assist you in achieving the freedom you deserve in your life: freedom from limiting beliefs, from crushing grief, from self-doubt and criticism, from energy which no longer serves your highest good.

I hone my craft every day through meditation, prayer, ceremony and connecting with the spirit realm. I bring this knowledge to bear when working with you. I meet you where you are, without judgment, and provide a safe space for healing to occur.

When booking your session, select the amount of time you would like to book and your session will be individualized to serve your highest good.

If you are a new client, I offer you a free 15-minute consultation to answer any questions you have and to determine what type of session is appropriate for you. While well versed in Mediumship, Shamanic Healing, and Intuitive Soul Work, your session will be tailored to meet your needs.

Sessions are available in person or remotely via phone, FaceTime or Zoom.


*By booking a reading and or paying for a service you have agreed to the disclaimer.