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As a Shamanic Practitioner, Intuitive and Spiritual Medium, I am deeply honored to assist you in achieving the freedom you deserve in your life: freedom from limiting beliefs, from crushing grief, from self-doubt and criticism, from energy which no longer serves your highest good.

I hone my craft every day through meditation, prayer, ceremony and connecting with the spirit realm. I bring this knowledge to bear when working with you. I meet you where you are, without judgment, and provide a safe space for healing to occur.

Some options for sessions include:

Mediumship Readings – connect with your loved ones in spirit as I bridge the two worlds for you, bringing messages of hope, love, and survival. Mediumship readings can help soothe your soul and reaffirm your connection to your loved ones who have passed.

Shamanic Healing – Do you feel stuck? Like things just aren’t moving and grooving the way you would like? Perhaps a Shamanic Healing session is calling out to you. (Shamanic Healing Sessions require a minimum of 60 minutes).

Intuitive Soul Readings – connect with your spirit guides for enlightenment as we examine your life choices and discover the potential that awaits.

Chakra Clearing and Balance  - like a spring shower for the soul! This deep work will clear and realign your chakras in an individualized session just for you.

Just pick the amount of time you would like and I will help you determine the best reading, or combination of readings, for your highest good. (Shamanic Healing Sessions require a minimum of one hour)


 45 Minutes ~ $125

 60 Minutes ~ $140

90 Minutes ~ $170



Sessions are available in person or remotely via phone, FaceTime or Zoom.


*By booking a reading and or paying for a service you have agreed to the disclaimer.

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