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Classes & events

In addition to offering private healing sessions, my mission is to share teachings with others.

I offer select workshops upon request, and also host visiting teachers and practitioners.


This will be a one hour live event on Zoom.  Mary will be doing a free reading for three attendees.  

As part of the event Mary will be announcing a special reading opportunity that will ONLY be offered to those attending!

Monthly Spiritual Growth Package

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Creativity as a Healing Tool – Inner View Meditation Cards

In this day-long, experiential workshop we will explore our inner landscape through the creative process of Inner View Meditation Cards.


We begin with a guided meditation and translate the “ah-ha” moments that are revealed to us into unique, individualized cards. Think you have ‘zero creativity’? You will be surprised and delighted at what arises when you connect with your soul which has a language all its own! Learn to listen and it will guide you to a clearer understanding  of who you are. And we have FUN!


Who knew discovering your inner view could be so easy!

Shamanic Way of  Being

Shamans have been part of every society since the beginning of mankind. In this day-long workshop, we will explore the role of shamans and why they are as important today – perhaps even more so – than they were in times long past.


Together we will take the mystery out of shamanic journeying. I will walk with you into the mystery of “walking between the worlds,” including how to request and work with a power animal. Journeying is a powerful way of exploring the shamanic way of seeing and can provide us with insight into our life problems, large and small.


I will provide you with a framework to working with different Perceptual States to step outside of consensual reality to view life differently – which is often essential in “getting out of our own way”.


This workshop will provide you with a firm basis in the shamanic way of being as well as provide a foundation from which to explore further.

Crafting a Sacred  Life

sacred life.jpeg

Making the conscious decision to live in alignment with our higher self is one of the most empowering gifts we can give ourselves. But then there are the realities: exactly how does one craft a sacred life?


Join me in this day-long journey as we explore the basics and beyond. We will learn the  important role that ceremony plays in living consciously, and learn how to craft your own ceremonies, the ones that speak to your soul, to address issues that arise. We often hear the term “sacred space” and in this workshop, we will explore what that means, how to create it, work within it, and close it.


We will learn about altars: why we use them, how to build them, and then what to do with them! We will also learn how to recharge an altar, how to determine when an altar is finished, and how to dismantle one to complete that energy cycle.


Choosing to live in alignment also means making the choice to care deeply about and for yourself.  We'll learn several self-care techniques, including how to both clear and protect your energetic body and that of your home, work space, family and pets.


This hands-on, experiential workshop will add many items to your personal “toolbox” of living in alignment!

Create your own event

Get your family and friends together and hold a private group reading with Mary. We can structure this intimate gathering in several ways: 

I can come to you (travel fees may apply), hold the event via Zoom, or I can host up to 8 people in my studio on the beautiful Yellowstone River in Montana.

Contact Mary for availability and pricing.

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