Client Testimonials

Totally amazing! Mary, you are the real deal! Can't wait to do it again!!!!! 

~Kelli G.

I’ve known Mary mostly as an outstanding medium for the spirit world. Recently, I had the opportunity to experience her gifts as a shamanic healer. The time with her not only cleared negative energy bogging me down, but helped to restore my own soul's power. What I loved most about the healing is she gave me practical, easy, and positive homework to do, which continues to aid in my journey. I highly recommend her services.                                    ~ Sharon C.


I highly suggest receiving a reading with Mary. My session helped connect me in a deeper way to my loved ones who have transitioned. Her reading gave me new insights and my heart was touched by their presence and the messages. Mary is heart centered, genuine, intuitive and walks her path with integrity.  She is in service to the highest good.                              ~Kayse W.

Mary’s presence, connection to spirit and ownership of her gift of sharing messages from the spirit world is a gift to us all. Trust when you see this that you or someone you know will lovingly benefit from working with Mary!  We are friends and shaman sisters, and I heard the call to work with her. I’m appreciating beyond words that I listened.                         ~ Christine P.


I had the most amazing experience with Mary this week that I have to share. On Tuesday I walked into her house, not for a reading, and immediately she knew she had to do one for me. What timing! I have been going through some difficult times. By the time we were done a huge weight was lifted. And since I have been doing an exercise she suggested for me and things are looking up! Thank you Mary for sharing your healing with me!

~Jayne D.