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Once upon a time, not so long ago or far away, I had a massive attack of self-doubt. That ‘crumbles you at the knees, heavy weight of self-imposed hell of doubt.”

I took this doubt to my meditation time, asking, begging my guides for help.

Resoundingly I heard “We are here to support you but if you choose to use your free will to doubt yourself, we will honor that choice.’

Oh. There we are.

I am responsible for my choices.

I am responsible for where I choose to focus my attention.

I am responsible for how I choose to spend my vital life energy.

I am not enslaved except by my conscious mind.

There is freedom in recognizing my power over my mind.

When I make the conscious, free will choice to immerse myself in the Oneness of the Divine, doubt and darkness hold no sway.

When I unlock the doors to my own Kingdom by being grateful for my Heaven here on earth, and by acknowledging that while I am not perfect, The Divine loves me just as I am, all the world opens before me.


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